20 Best Athletes To Follow On Instagram From Dallas

The influencer's world has a huge impact on our daily life. Seems like consistently another competitor is joining, some delivering preferable outcomes over others. Here are 20 must-follow influencers on Instagram.

1-Olivia Gravengaard (@oldsoulmadenew )

Olivia Gravengaard is a fitness coach and social media influencer. She is one of the most admired physiques out there. She is IFBB Figure Pro Coach creating a positive impact in the fitness sector. @officialbetterbodies @officialgasp @hd.muscle


2-Trish Warren (@trishwarren1 )

Trish Warren went on to win her very first fitness competition at the 2001 Ronnie Coleman Classic. She stood 4th in the Arnold Classic Ohio and 6th in Mr. Olympia in 2013. And again stood 3rd in Toronto Pro, 5th in Arnold Classic Ohio, and 7th in Mr. Olympia in 2014. In 2015, 9th in Arnold Classic Ohio.

Trish Warren

3- Ben Chow (@squatlikechow )

Ben Chow is a professional Fitness Coach. He is a Father/Husband, Online Prep Coach. He loves to train and stay in shape. He has majored in Human Biosciences.

Ben Chow

4-Darwin Uribe (@uribe_darwin )

IFBB PRO Darwin Uribe || Coach || CLASSIC PHYSIQUE PRO || Olympian Chicago Pro Champ 2021

Darwin Uribe

5-Martin (@martfitzh2o )

Martin “The Martian” Fitzwater is an athlete, sportsperson, and IFBB PRO Coaching. He got 5th place LEGION SPORTS FEST in 2021. He has an official presence on @officialgasp FITZ15 & @officialbetterbodies FITZ15


6-Joe Mackey (@jmackey33_ifbbpro )

Joe is IFBB Pro Personal coach. He also provides ONLINE COACHING. One of the World’s Strongest Deadlifter in IFBB & Elite Athlete.

Joe Mackey

7-Madison Baylis (@_baelis )

Madison is an athlete, sportsperson, NQ NPC Bikini rjfitcommunity coach. She loves to coach & train one of the finest fitness coaches out there. 


8-J Hicks (@3hunnid_fitness )

Public figure || Fitness Trainer || 👣Movement Specialists || Former Purdue Boilermaker

J Hicks

9-TAYLOR (@t_thick_ )

BSN || RN || IFBB PRO || Medical & Health || Nurse Practitioner Student || Travel RN: Emergent Apheresis/Dialysis || FIGURE PRO || Fitness Coach


10-SAM CUNADO (@sam_cunado1991 )

Sam is an ONLINE COACH, Fitness trainer, Founder of GRANMAS original Cuban meal prep, Founder of potato dog, Personal trainer, and coach. Pro BodyBuilder & professional trainer. 

Sam Cunado

11-Gigi A. Bakhtiar (@gigiamurao )

Gigi A. Bakhtiar is an IFBB PRO, Public figure, Posing, Olympian, Arnold Classic AU, & Transformation Coach. She is a NPC TX Judge. Also an -Online Nutrition, Training/Posing

Gigi A. Bakhtiar

12-Lys Wawrzynski (@littleebit_ )

Lys Wawrzynski is a Coach and took part in the 2019 and 2020 championship and national qualifiers. She is working hard in Chasing her Dreams.

Lys Wawrzynski

13-Samantha Rice (@quadslikemom )

Samantha Rice is a Sportsperson quadslikemom Pioneer open in 2021. In 2021 she was #3 in KERNUSOPEN all time and #20 in all classes all time @openpowerlifting #11 all time women raw in 2021 #6 female raw in the world.

Sᴀᴍᴀɴᴛʜᴀ ʀɪᴄᴇ

14-Austin Burge (@beezyphysique )

Austin Burge is a Fitness model,USGR, IFBB Classic Physique Pro, Certified FireFighter/EMT, @gaspari Elite Athlete.

Austin Burge

15-Victoria and Natalia (@winwithv )

Victoria and Natalia are Founders of win with V, Training and  Nutrition ONLINE, Fitness trainer.

Victoria and Natalia

16-Zac Fotheringham (@zac_fotheringham )

Online Physique Prep Coach ,official gasp, chemical warfare supps, precision prep uk, shredz fitness center, premier gym coalville.

Zac Fotheringham

17-David Ayodele (@chief.ayodele )

Digital creator, Engineer, Fitness & Health, DT

David Ayodele

18-Taylor R. Strecker (@taylor_r_strecker )

@evogennutrition Elite Athlete, Online Fitness Coach, Sportsperson, @iconmeals Affiliate, @officialgasp, @officialbetterbodies

Taylor R. Strecker

19-Breana Nicole Powell (@breepowell23 )

Breana Nicole Powell is a Public figure • She is  Mother• Real Estate: @realtorbreanapowell  •Travel ✈️ • Lift 🦾

Breana Nicole Powell

20-Shannon Delehanty (@shannond_fit )

Shannon Delehanty is an Athlete who took part in 2021 NPC Southwest Wellness and was  Overall Champ @officialgasp ambassador.

Shannon Delehanty

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